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   2007-January 24, 2007

2007 Promotional: 500W+500W Mini-Redundant TC-500R8A

Starting this February, we will be focusing on boosting sales in our power division, more in particular our redundant switching units. We will begin by promoting our TC-500R8A, a 500W+500W Mini-Redundant unit. This popular model is a redundant passive PFC EPS 12V 500W server power supply, containing two separate modules. Its main connectors consist of the 24, 20, 8, & 4 pin plug configurations to support the dual core systems. During normal operation, both modules maintain an equal output; but if one of the modules fail, a warning light and buzzer are sounded and the remaining functioning module powers the full load until the other is replaced. This unit is powered by dual AC inputs per module which greatly increases reliability and stability for all types of builds.

This 500W Mini-Redundant power unit comes standard with features such as a Good Power Signal indicator, which maintains a ??true?бе output, Over Power Protection to prevent power surges, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection to prevent the burning out of the motherboard, and a MTBF of 100,000 hours with cooling provided by dual 40mm fans on each module, as well as a 80mm fan on the side of the unit. The TC-500R8A meets UL/CE/TUV/CB/FCC approvals, is RoHS compliant, and is backed by our 3 year manufacturer warranty.

If you are interested in receiving details on this special promotion, please contact our exclusive distributor DynapowerUSA or you could contact one of our specially authorized resellers found on our website at


Ever since its inception in 1989, SURE STAR Computer Co. has been designing and manufacturing quality switching power supply units and other related power products. From their regular switching power supply line, to their full line of high-end Redundant power supply units, SURE STAR has grown to one of the major brands in the IPC power supply industry. In recent years, SURE STAR has expanded their territory to include DVR/IPC and Storage RAID products, and have made a name for themselves within the market.